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# pearson-succ
> This tool converts your Active Learn books to PDF format.
Pearson doesn't provide a PDF version of books because who needs convenience?
I made this because Active Learn is pretty pointless when on mobile, or better still when you have no internet.
## Usage
Before you can download, you need to specify the book URLs.
In `books.json` add entries such as: (there are existing entries which I have previously downloaded)
// guide for getting URLs is below
"bookslug": {
"name": "book name",
"url": "https://pearson.not.epic/path/to/bookpage-{{id}}.jpg", // image url of book page, replace id with {{id}}
"pages": 5 // total number of pages
## Finding book URL
Open book viewer and right click any page, and inspect element:
![inspect element](
Find and copy the URL that looks like this:
Open the page, right-click the image, and press view image.
You should get a URL such as:
Replace `001` or whatever three-digit number with `{{id}}`.
In case you are lost, the page URL looks like:
And you can change the URL above in two steps to get the image anyhow.
- Add `images/` after `/OPS/`
- Change `.xhtml` to `.jpg`
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