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Prepend GCSE / AS.

parent 270c9ed3
"scibiology": {
"name": "Seperate Science Biology",
"name": "GCSE Seperate Science Biology",
"url": "{{id}}.jpg",
"pages": 218
"scichem": {
"name": "Seperate Science Chemistry",
"name": "GCSE Seperate Science Chemistry",
"url": "{{id}}.jpg",
"pages": 223
"sciphysics": {
"name": "Seperate Science Physics",
"name": "GCSE Seperate Science Physics",
"url": "{{id}}.jpg",
"pages": 221
"mathhigher": {
"name": "Mathematics Higher",
"name": "GCSE Mathematics Higher",
"url": "{{id}}.jpg",
"pages": 726
"mathfoundation": {
"name": "Mathematics Foundation",
"name": "GCSE Mathematics Foundation",
"url": "{{id}}.jpg",
"pages": 712
"combinedsci": {
"name": "Combined Science",
"name": "GCSE Combined Science",
"url": "{{id}}.jpg",
"pages": 458
"mathhigherrevision": {
"name": "Mathematics Higher Revision",
"name": "GCSE Mathematics Higher Revision",
"url": "{{id}}.jpg",
"pages": 144
"puremathyr1": {
"name": "Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS",
"name": "AS Pure Mathematics Year 1",
"url": "{{id}}.jpg",
"pages": 408
"physicsa1": {
"name": "OCR Physics A: Second Edition Year 1",
"name": "AS OCR Physics A: Second Edition Year 1",
"url": "{{id}}.jpg",
"pages": 296
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