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title: Installing Exagear In 2020 for Raspberry Pi
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overline: Eltechs may be gone, but Exagear lives on.
published: 20th June 2020
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## Installing Exagear in 2020 (for RPi)
Exagear is gone and so is Eltechs, suprisingly enough their activation server seems to be still working (?), although my supposed "multi-device license" only worked on my Pi and not someone's else, keeping in mind that this was a fresh installation of Raspbian I can only assume their activation server is online and that I was sold something else than stated.
When I first bought Exagear, like an idiot, I bought the enterprise version for the RPi 3 (costing £32!), so I don't feel bad at all sharing anything below as my license was clearly does not work anymore or I was sold the wrong license. And the company is gone anyways...
### Downloading Exagear
I currently mirror old copies of Exagear from which you can find the version you need.
You can find [all the packages here](
Choose an Exagear package:
- Raspberry Pi 1: [exagear-legacy_3428-1_armhf.deb](
- Raspberry Pi 2: [exagear_3428-1_armhf.deb](
- Raspberry Pi 3: [exagear_3428-1_armhf.deb](
- For newer models, either use the package above or use the 64-bit package.
- For arm64: [exagear_3428-1_arm64.deb](
Choose a `dsound` package:
- For armhf (any device): [exagear-dsound-server_010_armhf.deb](
- For arm64 (newer devices, i.e. ARM v8): [exagear-dsound-server_010_arm64.deb](
Choose a guest image:
- Debian 8: [exagear-guest-debian-8_3428_all.deb](
- Debian 9 (recommended for Raspbian): [exagear-guest-debian-8_3428_all.deb](
- Ubuntu 16.04: [exagear-guest-ubuntu-1604_3428_all.deb](
- Ubuntu 18.04: [exagear-guest-ubuntu-1804_3428_all.deb](
### Installing Exagear
Before going forwards, we need to install prerequisites.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y bash coreutils findutils curl binfmt-support cron
Make sure to uninstall any old versions of Exagear (this will wipe your images).
sudo apt-get remove exagear
Create a new directory and enter it:
mkdir ~/exagear
cd ~/exagear
Download the packages to this folder using `wget`, i.e. `wget`.
Hence, install all the packages:
sudo dpkg -i exagear*3428*.deb
sudo dpkg -i exagear-dsound*.deb
sudo dpkg -i exagear-guest*.deb
### Patching Exagear
This method was provided by [toasteh]( on the pyra-handheld forums.
To quickly patch your current installation, run:
curl | sudo bash
Or alternatively, [view the script here](
### Final Notes
Once installed you can run `exagear` and you're done! Run `arch` if you don't believe me.
Be sure to update your new environment:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
Lastly, if you had any issues don't hesistate to leave me a message.
Thanks for reading.
#### Further Ideas
Now that you have your new x86 environment, you could:
- Play some old game titles on your Pi.
- Run a [CS 1.6 server]( from your Pi.
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